Producer Directory

Name: JimBob Matthews

Address: Harrah, OK, 73045
County: Lincoln
Phone: 405-496-2015


Species: goats

Certification Program:Scrapie Flock Certification Program

Goat Breeds: Alpine, Boer, Kiko, Nubian, Mixed

Live Animals: Commercial Breeding Stock, Brush Control Wethers
Season(s) Commercial Breeding Stock are available: Summer
Season(s) Brush Control Wethers are available: All Seasons

Live Animals for Slaughter: Market kids >3 mo to consumers, Adult animals to consumers
Season(s) Market kids >3 mo to consumers are available: Summer
Season(s) Adult animals to consumers are available: Summer

Remarks: We have pure breed & mixed breed goats. We feed them on our brush/trees/pasture acreage with free choice hay and 'goat only' mineral blocks. We also supplement with seasonally adjusted concentrate. We have mostly meat goats but are expanding into