Producer Directory

Name: James Taylor

Address: Athens, NY, 12015
County: Greene
Phone: 518-945-2745


Species: goats

Certification Program:

Goat Breeds: Kiko, Boer/Kiko cross

Products: Meat or Freezer Trade
Season(s) Meat or Freezer Trade are available: All Seasons

Live Animals: Registerable Breeding Stock, Commercial Breeding Stock
Season(s) Registerable Breeding Stock are available: Summer
Season(s) Commercial Breeding Stock are available: Summer

Live Animals for Slaughter: Market kids >3 mo to consumers, Adult animals to consumers
Season(s) Market kids >3 mo to consumers are available: Summer
Season(s) Adult animals to consumers are available: All Seasons

Remarks: Herd is primarily grass-fed. We market most of our meat kids in the mid-late fall; approximately 50-60 lb. Meat/freezer trade sometimes available.