Producer Directory

Name: Dana Gentile

Address: Germantown, NY, 12526
County: Columbia
Phone: 917-861-3002


Species: goats

Certification Program:

Goat Breeds: Alpine, Boer, Saanan, Toggenburg

Products: Fiber/Pelt or Horn, Meat or Freezer Trade, Other
Season(s) Fiber/Pelt or Horn products are available: Fall
Season(s) Meat or Freezer Trade are available: Summer, Fall
Season(s) Other products are available: All Seasons

Live Animals for Slaughter: Bottle kids or lambs, Market kids >3 mo to consumers, Adult animals to consumers
Season(s) Bottle kids or lambs are available: Spring
Season(s) Market kids >3 mo to consumers are available: Summer, Fall
Season(s) Adult animals to consumers are available: Spring, Summer, Fall

Remarks: Darlin’ Doe Farm raises goats naturally on pasture and in woodlands with a small supplement of whole grain, local grain and hay. We practice a natural and holistic approach to raising healthy livestock. We believe it is important to grow healthy, high