Producer Directory

Name: Ipek Kursat

Address: Ashfield, MA, 01330
County: Franklin
Phone: 413-628-4043

Species: sheep

Sheep Breeds: Icelandic

Products: Fiber/Pelt or Horn, Meat or Freezer Trade
Season(s) Fiber/Pelt or Horn products are available: All Seasons
Season(s) Meat or Freezer Trade are available: All Seasons

Live Animals: Registerable Breeding Stock, Fiber Wethers, Brush Control Wethers
Season(s) Registerable Breeding Stock are available: All Seasons
Season(s) Fiber Wethers are available: All Seasons
Season(s) Brush Control Wethers are available: Summer, Fall

Live Animals for Slaughter: Adult animals to consumers
Season(s) Adult animals to consumers are available: All Seasons

Remarks: Our stock is raised using chem-free methods and pastures. Their bloodlines go back to the original Jager Farm stock, and includes F2 AI animals. We maintain a small flock and our animals are handled daily to ensure good health and docile temperament.