Producer Directory

Name: Fiona Harrar

Address: Cazenovia, NY, 13035
County: Madison
Phone: 315-655-0623


Species: sheep

Certification Program:

Sheep Breeds: East Friesian, Texel, Tunis

Products: Dairy (Milk/Cheese), Meat or Freezer Trade
Season(s) Dairy (Milk/Cheese) products are available: All Seasons
Season(s) Meat or Freezer Trade are available: All Seasons

Live Animals: Commercial Breeding Stock
Season(s) Commercial Breeding Stock are available: All Seasons

Live Animals for Slaughter: Bottle kids or lambs, Adult animals to consumers
Season(s) Bottle kids or lambs are available: Spring
Season(s) Adult animals to consumers are available: All Seasons

Remarks: We are a seasonal grass based sheep dairy producing farmstead cheese with our milk. We have High Percentage East Friesian ram and ewe lambs available for sale. We also sell TunisXEast Friesian bottle lambs and sometimes TexelXEast Friesian feeder lambs or