Producer Directory

Name: Richard Perry

Address: Watkins Glen, NY, 14891
County: Schuyler
Phone: 607-535-4879


Species: goats

Certification Program:

Goat Breeds: Boer, Other

Live Animals: Commercial Breeding Stock, Pack Goats
Season(s) Commercial Breeding Stock are available: Summer, Fall
Season(s) Pack Goats are available: All Seasons

Live Animals for Slaughter: Market kids >3 mo to consumers, Adult animals to consumers
Season(s) Market kids >3 mo to consumers are available: Summer, Fall
Season(s) Adult animals to consumers are available: All Seasons

Remarks: I sell boer and boer cross goats. They are pasture fed in the summer and fed grain in the winter. They have free choice of hay year round. I also buy market wethers 80-100+ lbs year round. I also have some lambs occasionally throughout the year. I can