Producer Directory

Name: Shelley Bouyea

Address: West Chazy, NY, 12992-3935
County: Clinton
Phone: 518-578-4871


Species: sheep

Certification Program:Scrapie Flock Certification Program, Animal Welfare Approved

Sheep Breeds: Soay

Products: Fiber/Pelt or Horn
Season(s) Fiber/Pelt or Horn products are available: Summer

Live Animals: Registerable Breeding Stock, Fiber Wethers
Season(s) Registerable Breeding Stock are available: Spring
Season(s) Fiber Wethers are available: All Seasons

Remarks: Soay are a small, ancient breed, a remnant population of a Neolithic sheep that have survived on the islands of St. Kilda off the coast of Scotland for several thousand years. They are the most primitive breed (least changed from their wild ancestor) of